Welcome: Our Libraries

Just a brief note to explain what we’re doing here.

This is a blog about the Library Service of Brighton & Hove. We’ll offer insight into what working for the library can be like and what a huge amount of things are on offer from your local libraries.

One thing that strikes me personally about working for the Library, is that so many of the staff are so passionate about what we do. Every workplace has its grumbles, but not every workplace gets to spend its day providing so many things to so many people.

For starters, absolutely anyone can walk in off the street, sign up for a library card and get books, internet access and information. These simple things can be invaluable.

Then you’ve got coffee mornings, DVDs, film screenings, IT taster sessions, workshops, baby boogie, virtual reference, photocopying, homework clubs, reading groups, rare books, talks, tours, quizzes, newspapers, talking books, CDs, score sets, play sets, the Wolseley collection, magazines, reading games.

The list doesn’t really stop.

And we’re here for everyone.

We’re starting this blog so we can let more people find out just how much we offer. Please talk to us and spread the word. Let us know what you want, and let other people see just how much we have on offer.

We love libraries. We want you to come and love them too.


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