Kaleidoscopes, Windmills, Snakes and Bones


“Equipped with his five senses, man explores the universe around him and calls the adventure Science.” 

~Edwin Powell Hubble – The Nature of Science, 1954

To celebrate Science Week and the Brighton Science festival the libraries prepared to turn half term into an extravaganza of creation, discovery and plenty of glitter and glue, encouraging school children to come and share in the fun and games across the city.  

With a choice between making your own skeleton, testing the wind with the most brightly decorated propellers ever seen, wowing parents with a kaleidoscope of beautiful patterns and colours, and making long twirling snakes, there was plenty to do and see.  For those in the know, there was also a chance to test their mental prowess and compete to win a special prize in the joint science quiz. 

The activity day was a boost for the smaller community libraries, in Portslade, Mile Oak, Westdene and Hangleton, as they played host to over fifty children who came to join in.

It was great to see how quickly everyone went to work and encouraging finding out how curious and interested they are in the world around them. The most wonderful part, however, was seeing children of all ages and backgrounds coming together, working with each other and finding out just how fun science can be.  Even those who weren’t quite old enough to join in were still able to enjoy being with their older brothers or sisters while testing their colouring-in skills, and reading the books around them.  

There was less emphasis on teaching and more on learning and discovery, and, especially at Westdene, where I was, the children couldn’t wait to try out what they had made, testing their windmills on the front steps, seeing which way the wind was coming from, or seeing how fast they could make them spin by blowing on them.  There was plenty of laughter, and plenty of chatter, a reminder that the library is definitely somewhere fun to be.   

Events are held regularly at all the libraries in Brighton and Hove, why not come along to the next one, and see what you can become part of?

Miriam – Library Officer

Keep an eye on the library website for details of upcoming events.

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