World Book Day – Hove

Hove library invited children to dress up as their favourite book character and the staff decided to surprise them by joining in. Pre-school children as well as school children came together for the day to celebrate the joy of reading. 

Classes from St. Andrew’s School and the Pumpkin Patch Nursery in Hove came along to the children’s library to listen to Susan from Narnia reading a story.

Children created alternative book covers, took part in a character hunt game and could also pin a postcard with a description of their most loved book to the Desert Island Books display.

As a library one of our main aims is to introduce young people into the world of reading and the rewards it can offer. We look to promote reading on a day to day basis but World Book Day is a chance to reach out to a broader range of the community than usual.

World Book Day has run long enough that children recognise the event as not only part of their school activities but also within the larger community. Our events  allowed young people to see how their library celebrates reading and the services we offer. Being welcomed into the library and the world of books in such a way has made the children feel more confident about reading and more willing to discuss books both on an individual level and as a group.

When designing their own book covers many of the children talked about their favourite books to other children, their parents, teachers and also the staff. Theo, 6, said of the event “it’s so much fun to make a book cover, I want to read the other books my friends have drawn”.

The children worked with illustrator, Guy Parker Rees (who illustrated Giraffes can’t dance and the Hippo-not-amus) to brush up on their skills and gain inspiration for their pictures. Their stories even made it into the Argus.

World Book Day was once again this year a reminder of how much people treasure reading and value the importance of books for all age groups. Our activities could only have happened with the combined effort of local schools, children’s groups, the World Book day organisers and publishers and booksellers across the country. With this backing, the events at Hove library on World Book Day were successful in reaching out to those who are both familiar and not so familiar with the library.

Text by Lukas – Library Officer.

See more photos on our facebook page.


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