Pecha Kucha – World Book Night @ Jubilee Library

As part of World Book Night, Jubilee Library hosted a Pecha Kucha (the Japanese term for the sound of ‘chit chat’) event, in association with Pecha Kucha Night Brighton.

The Pecha Kucha format is a twenty slide presentation, with each slide on screen for exactly twenty seconds. This makes a Pecha Kucha a series of fast paced, energetic presentations on a subject. It’s an opportunity to learn a surprising amount quickly, and the need to keep to the pace of the slideshow means that presenters will find it a challenge to be boring.

Our Pecha Kucha was on the theme of the environment. We’ve only been able to get the audio online so far, but find below the results of the first ever Pecha Kucha held in Jubilee library.


Here are the powerpoint presentations. No luck in getting them to synch up with the audio, unfortunately:

Groundhouse – Daren Howarth

Seedbombing – Josie Jeffrey

Eco Guide to Sussex – Katie Ramsay

Why it no longer goes dark at night – Dr Darren Baskill

Sustainability in Austerity – Philip Monaghan


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