Paperback 2011: Silva Magna (Big Forest)

In association with the Brighton Fringe Festival, Jubilee Library is hosting an exhibition of art works created by people working for Brighton and Hove Library service. Starting this Sunday (8th May) in the Learning Centre, works in a range of media (from audio loops to sculpture to textiles to paint and probably elsewhere too) will be on display every Saturday and Sunday from 11AM to 4PM, until the end of May.

To celebrate the International year of forests, the artists and taking inspiration from the theme ‘Silva Magna’, which is latin for ‘Big Forest’. A broad range of interpretations is to be expected from what promises to be an  inspirational collection.

The range of artists is indicitave of the huge range of people who work in the libraries, which hopefully mirrors the range of people that use our libraries. Living in such an artistically inspiring city, it’s not surprisng that so many of our colleagues have an artistic bent. What may surprise some is just how much talent there is.

Last year’s show was a brilliant range of ideas, and this year promises to be even more exciting. Over the next few weeks we’re hoping to do a couple of interviews with the artists, and hopefully give some teasers of the work on show. Watch this space, but perhaps more importantly, come down to the library to see for yourself.

For more details, including links to some of the artists’ websites, click here.

Alex – Library Officer


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