Customer review: The Amazing Adventures of Starr: The Golden Masterpiece by Jacky Rom

Review by Poppy Alcott, Age 10:

 I’ve read it and so have lots of my friends. It’s a great story!  We love all her books.

Review by Helen Potter, Age 15:

After much waiting with baited breath, it’s finally here! The third book in a smashing series that’s captured the hearts of so many young children. The wait is finally over, with the third instalment of the aptly named Starr’s adventures being released and once again capturing the imagination like no other children’s book on the market at the moment.

As if the last book wasn’t exciting enough, ‘The Golden Masterpiece’ whisks us readers away to the beautiful CaribbeanislandofSt. Maarten. While the book is filled with refreshing descriptions of a place that I can only imagine is breathtaking to visit, we are entertained once again with the hilarious Sean (and some rather sensational outfits), some new faces, and not forgetting of course a rather mischevious and amusing blue hair encounter that captures you even right at the beginning of the book.

As per usual, expect some ‘edge-of-your-seat’ drama, not to mention stunt falls from trees, rescued waitresses, pirates, kidnapping, and martial arts all in the mix! If you like anything exciting, with moment after moment of drama, laughs and anticipation, this book is the place to start (except perhaps from the first of the series), particularly for any parent who wants to motivate their child away from the TV for a while. This book provides the perfect avenue into reading for anyone who’s been too bored by books before, and with such lovable characters and hilarious sub-plots, who could resist!?

Once again, Rom brings another brilliant, child-friendly book into the world and satisfies her followers, who I can guarantee won’t be disappointed. Let’s hope there are more to come, and they’re each as good as those we’ve seen so far!

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