Community composting at Hollingbury



April saw the arrival of three new compost bins for Hollingbury library . Resembling pirate’s chests rather than the style typically found on allotments of cobbled together old pallets , these hefty wooden trunks are made completely from reclaimed wood and designed to be rat proof and easy to use. The compost bins are situated right next to our car park to the side of the Library so access is easy for all.


So what exactly is community composting? It’s a place for local people to deposit their kitchen waste and other green waste who would otherwise have to throw it into their regular bins . With so many people in Brighton living in flats an awful lot of food waste is going unnecessarily into landfill. This project came about with support from The Brighton and Hove Food Partnership who say that kitchen waste typically accounts for 30% of all our domestic waste!


What can be composted with us? All uncooked fruit and veg, coffee grounds, teabags and soft prunings. The library provides the cardboard and newspaper in order to get a good balance between green and brown waste. We will also shortly be getting a regular supply of pigeon waste which otherwise would be destined for landfill, this will act as an accelerator to speed up the composting process.


Once the compost is ready we are hoping to use it to enrich the soil around the library in preparation for a new gardening or grow your own project . Watch this space!

Fiona – Library Officer, Hollingbury Library

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