Circus Stars – Summer Reading Challenge

Not long ago on twitter, Neil Gaiman (who wrote a fair few of my favourite books) said the following:

The library is already trying to put books into the hands of children (and everyone else) and one of the things we do every year to achieve this, supported by the Reading Agency, is the Summer Reading Challenge.

Giving children prizes and treats for taking the time over the Summer holidays to read six books (or to try and read as many as they can) is a great way to keep them reading over the school break. This year’s theme is ‘Circus Stars’ and as usual, everyone’s excited. The Summer is going to be full of circus themed events in libraries and, thanks to the Play Bus, all around the city.

So if you know a child who might like to get some reading done in between the sunshine and the storms of the Summer, then send them down to the local library to take part.

Alex – Library Officer

For more information, check out the library website, or pop into your local library.


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