Lucy Christopher loves Mondays (and Libraries)

On Monday 3 October award-winning young adult author Lucy Christopher guested the We Love Monday study support group at Hove Library.

She talked about her debut novel Stolen and showed photos from her research trip to the Australian desert. The inspiration behind the book was the vast landscape where you can drive for hours without seeing any people or houses. She described Stolen as a dark, scary book, not only because of the subject kidnapping, but also because the landscape is full of heat and poisonous snakes.

Lucy’s second novel, Flyaway is a lighter and happier book, about families and a fascination with swans. At the moment Lucy is working on her third novel which is going to be a scary one again, about a girl living next to a wood where something bad happened; but at the same time Lucy is also writing a happy book about horses. It seems to work well for her to switch between light and dark subjects which attract readers of different ages.

 Lucy was born in theUK, but when she was little she moved toAustralia and lived there for a number of years. Being used to the miserable British weather she found it hard to cope with the heat and to escape the sun she went to the library! And it was in the library her love for reading started, and she loved reading so much she started to write her own books.

One of the young girls in the audience was a writer too and was very happy to have her book in progress signed by Lucy.


You can find out more about Lucy Christopher and her books at her website: You can also find her books on the library catalogue here.

You can find out more about We Love Mondays & We Love Thursdays Study Support groups here:

Louise H, Library Assistant


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