Local Celebrities on National Libraries Day at Hove Library

‘Who’s that?’ A woman whispered and pointed to the so-called stage in Hove Library where an author was reading from her work.

‘That’s Dorothy Koomson,’ I whispered back.

‘Wow, I’ve read all her books. She’s my favourite!’ The woman was quite taken aback and forgot to whisper.

To be fair, even if society has become obsessed with celebrities, authors are still fairly anonymous, and aren’t always recognisable from their dust jacket photos.

Can you spot any of the authors in the picture above? In fact they are all local authors who guested Hove Library on National Libraries Day 4 February.

From left to right: Araminta Hall, Lizzie Enfield, Dorothy Koomson, Sarah Rayner, Kate Harrison, Mark Barrowcliffe, Susanna Quinn, Jo Rees, Simon Toyne, Julia Crouch. (Brigit Whelan was also present but sadly missed the photo opportunity.)

Most of the authors read extracts set either in the local area or in libraries. They spoke about how much libraries mean to them and local councillors were also on site supporting this national celebration.

At the end of the event the authors happily signed their book babies, and most of the books are also available to borrow for free in the library.

Louise H – Library Assistant



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