Once upon a time…

…and that’s the end – at least that’s how all the stories I told to my dolls went, at the tender age of 3.  It’s a relief then, to know that the rest of a tale, the ‘filling’ if you like, can be so much more exciting, adventurous, romantic, thrilling, or just plain funny than it might seem from the outside. 

In celebration of National Storytelling Week, we had clusters of captivated audiences’ right across Brighton and Hove.  There were no rules about which books had to be read, just that they were to be enjoyed and it was truly wonderful to be able to share with the children who came to visit the library just a few of the stories out there.

At Westdene, we delved into the world of the Emperor of Absurdia, hunted for the last Dodo’s doo doo, and were party to a plan hatched out by a ladybird.  For this new generation of children growing up in a fast-paced, internet and technology-obsessed world, the need for books may seem at times to be a little redundant.  However it’s so important to remember, as neuroscientist Susan Greenfield says, that

“the brain…is malleable – not just in early childhood but right up to early adulthood, and, in certain instances, beyond. The surrounding environment has a huge impact both on the way our brains develop and how that brain is transformed into a unique human mind.”[1] 

What better way to allow a child to develop and grow, than in exploring the literary world still laid out for them, with their own peers and in a safe space where their imagination and their curiosity can take them anywhere?  For the children who came to listen to the stories this year, any positive experience may go on to shape their future perspectives and choices in life. 

Who is to say that a simple book can’t change the world?  And it could all start with a happily ever after.

Miriam – Library Officer


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