Fantastic Fruit at Hangleton Library


Hangleton Library celebrated a healthy fruit and vegetable themed family activity, which staff organised during the recent half term weekend.  Participants were given all kinds of fun activities to complete which included: a word search, a competition prize draw to find and name the many different fruit and vegetables pictured around the children’s library, and creating unique drawings.   The lucky winner for the prize draw was excited to win a fantastic goodie bag with presents to take home which included books, puzzles, craft items to make, fruit foam stickers and a pineapple!.  Children also chose fruit and vegetable pictures to personalise, which were made in to badges, and used their creative skills to make colourful and imaginative pictures and designs using craft items including stickers, fruit and vegetable stencils and paper cutters. 


The event was very well attended and ran very successfully with over twenty five children and parents who enjoyed and appreciated a great family morning event at their local library.  One of the mothers who regularly participates in children’s activities atHangleton Librarycommented, “Thank you so much.  My daughter and I really enjoy these events.  They are always presented so well, with quality and thoughtful ideas.  The staff are so friendly, welcoming and relaxed, it is such a nice environment.  When will the next one be advertised?!”


Mark – Library Officer, Hangleton Library


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