Our Economy – BBC Southeast debate hosted at Jubilee Library

Jubilee library was proud to host a BBC debate this weekend. The debate discussed possible options for economic recovery in the South East. Plenty of controversial opinions and ongoing arguments relating to the concept of economic growth at the expense of our environment, and plenty more besides.


Here it is, available on the iplayer archive until 27 March.


My personal opinion is that our current economic woes can be linked to our banking system whereby the majority of money created is in the form of debt created out of nothing (ie not against deposits, literally created out of thin air) by private banks that have to be paid back plus interest (you can check Bank of England docs to verify this). This system of banking sucks money out of our economy for the enrichment of a tiny minority.


The other major problem is an economic model based on infinite growth; impossible to achieve on a planet of finite resources. The only outcome of this model is economic and environmental collapse.


Oddly neither of these points came up for discussion. It seems there is a total lack of desire to look at the big picture as to why we are at this point economically and how we got here.


What do you think?



Jake – Information and E-services Manager

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One Response to Our Economy – BBC Southeast debate hosted at Jubilee Library

  1. Tom says:

    I could not agree more that the two points mentioned above speak volumes by their omission from the debate.

    There was a common assumption running throughout that being lobbied by business interests will generate real economic development, but clearly this is naiive and fallacious.

    While Katy Hopkins is clearly an expert on aligning with Government rhetoric (or indeed the rhetoric of anybody who is paying); and also expert at positioning her own career – she has no basis for being involved in discussions about real economic development, and has no understanding of the balance of issues.

    She commented “can you imagine the planning headache if AMEX tried to build their new office in the Downs?”. I can, but this is not why they in fact chose chose to build it in the centre of town, clearly.

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