Space Savers – A House of Books

The other day I tried to count all of my books. I decided to stop when I reached 200. I was only about two thirds of the way through and I began to feel a bit concerned, since most of these books had been acquired in the last four years it meant that I was somehow managing to gain (on average) 75 books a year. This seems like an excessive amount of books, especially considering there isn’t any room on my bookshelf anymore and most of them are in precarious piles around my room, or being used to build nice little (but unfortunately uninhabitable) houses. At this rate I will have soon relinquished my entire home to the books, not to mention a large sum of money.

This led me to the realisation of how valuable the library is on a very basic level; it saves a lot of space. I was already aware of what a wonderful resource the library was in terms of saving money, events, IT and free information, but it had never occurred to me how much space, time and effort (sorting through hundreds of books in order to find one is a time consuming process) the library is able to save.  You can take the books you want home, and with a selection of over 200,000 at Jubilee alone you’re bound to find one you like, and then once you’re done you get to bring them back and clear a bit of space. There are also always some nice library workers around to help you find a book.

There’s something nice about knowing someone else is going to have the opportunity to read a book you really enjoyed, we even have reader recommend’s slips, so if you really feel that a book needs to be shared you can fill one in to help it on its way to finding its next temporary home. It’s a lot easier to take a risk on a new book and be a bit adventurous when you’re not parting with your money, and if it’s a complete disaster you can bring it back to the library and out of your sight.

For complete space saving Brighton and Hove Libraries now even has an e-book service where you can download books onto your computer or e-reader, taking up absolutely no physical space at all. It also has the added benefit of deleting the books when they’re due back so there is absolutely no chance of overdue fines.

Hannah – Library Officer


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