Experiments in Reading – Story Lab Summer Reading Challenge

Every year, libraries across the country participate in the Summer Reading Challenge, designed to help children keep reading over the summer holidays by offering incentives such as stickers, keyrings and medals if they read between 2 and 6 books during the summer.

Each challenge has a different theme, and this year we’re saying hello to the Story Lab! We’ve had hundreds of signups across the city so far and the challenge is running until September 14th so there’s still plenty of time to join in. We’re asking the children to pick their favourite word from each book they read and then, if they’d like to, enter our story writing competition to invent a pet and write a story about them using those words.

We’ve had a lot of children winning their gold medals and we’re all having a lot of fun. There’s a small team of us working the Story Lab desk and I look forward to my one day a week when I get to be a Lab Assistant and give out lots of Story Lab goodies! It’s great to be able to chat about why a book was enjoyable or not, and everyone’s favourite words are fantastic – my favourite so far is zeppelin, and I’m excited to see how they’re all going to be used to write stories about made-up pets.

Don’t forget to check out our Story Lab page on the website where you can see a list of all the events at all the libraries. We’ve got activities for all ages, and a library team are joining the Playbus team at some of their stops around the city for their Summer Play tour, with Baby Boogie, free goodies like stickers and picture books (while stocks last), and a whole lot of fun.

See you in the lab!

Elena – Library Officer

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