Are you coming to World Book Night at Jubilee Library?


If so, make sure you book an appointment with the book doctor – she’ll be providing bibliotherapy for the evening. Feeling unsure? Read on for more about this extraordinary talent.


Who is the Book Doctor?

The Book Doctor is author, (Capers in the Sauce,

Stargazy Pie, Cupboard Love) playwright, (BBC Radio 4:

The Beach Hut, Blackout) book PR, foodie and Brighton

resident Laura Lockington.

“I have always read voraciously, and adore recommending books to friends. Book doctoring all started from that.

Years ago, I gave a friend for a ‘significant’ birthday the

present of a book a month delivered to her. She socropped book doctor

loved all of them (and admitted that none of them were

books that she would normally have chosen for herself)

and was so delighted that she told a lot of her friends.

It’s snowballed from that!”

We all get buffeted by life – and sometimes, the right

book at the right time helps us to know that we are not

alone. I really do believe that books can change lives.


Who is it for?

Everyone! We can all get stuck in a rut with our

reading. It’s easy to rely on the familiar. It’s easy to

pick up the best sellers. But there are hundreds of

amazing books out there, some published some time

ago, some forgotten and some just unfamiliar that are

wonderful reads that transport us to different times and places that deserve to be

read. Sometimes a book can jog a memory and take us immediately back to that

time. it’s finding that moment and holding on to it.


How does it work?

I see everyone on a one to one basis, discuss their reading habits, find out a bit about

them and then tailor a ‘prescription’ of at least three book titles that I think they

would enjoy. I usually allow 15 minutes for this (if I am seeing quite a few people). I

can also do a more in depth discussion, but this of course takes longer. It really

depends on the amount of people that I have to see. Happy to accommodate all


World Book Night is on 23rd April 2013. Join us at Jubilee library 4-7 pm

All our events are free and you can make a book doctor’s appointment on the night. See the website for more details and follow us on Twitter @BHLibraries on Tues 23 April to find out where staff and book givers are gifting this year’s titles #BrightonWBN

Susy Baker – Library Officer.

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