Sex, Drugs, Music Halls and Old Punks…

Adaptions from ‘THE BOX’ by Clive Parker-Sharp.  This free, live event is a ‘culture clash’ of music, words, and images performed by Clive and Marshall Star. A unique insight into the interracial mixing in the UK based on diaries of controversial African, Victorian Pentacostalist Thomas Brem-Wilson; the impact of his actions across 200 years, including Music Hall, gangsters, court trials and murder. A maverick musician, pushing boundaries, Clive was at the forefront of the punk movement forming ‘The Members’ and now a published local author.

Being something of an old punk rocker myself, the name Clive Parker-Sharp did not immediately ring any bells, so I had a quick surf of the internet and found out a bit more about him, apart from being in ‘The Members’ he was also in one of my favourite bands of the era, ‘Spizzenergi’, a band who changed their name possibly more often than their guitar strings, they were also known as Spizzoil, Athletico Spizz 80 and The Spizzles.

220px-Athletico_Spizz_'80Spizz first came to my attention with the brilliant single ‘Spocks Missing’, being something of a ‘Trekkie’ how could I fail to love a band with a song about Spock? This was followed with the equally wonderful ‘Where’s Captain Kirk’ along with many other quirky punk pop classic’s including ‘No Room’, ‘Hot Deserts’ and ‘Central Park’,

I saw Spizz with Clive playing drums at least three times in the early 1980’s and still like to listen to them, their version of Roxy Music’s ‘Virginia Plan’ is truly something to behold, having now reconnected with a part of my distant murky past, I will have to read ‘The Box’ to see what he has created on paper as opposed to vinyl, old punks never die, we just end up working in Libraries, writing books or appearing in butter adverts…..

 Please email or call to express your interest in attending.

Hove Library – 01273 296937

Brighton Jubilee Library – 01273 290800

Hove Library – Thursday 27th June at 6 pm…Free

Jubilee Library – Thursday 11th July at 5 pm & Saturday 20th July at 2 pm….Free 

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2 Responses to Sex, Drugs, Music Halls and Old Punks…

  1. Jay says:

    You go Mr B!

  2. sue lloyd says:

    Fab – Looking forward to it ! interesting blog

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