Where be Dragons?

Did you miss the opportunity to meet the dragon at Jubilee Library on Saturday 14 September?

 flying dragon

This dragon is part of City Reads 2013 and is brought to you by Brighton & Hove City Libraries Services in partnership with Same Sky. The dragon was created by artist Bec Britain using willow and tissue paper and took five very long days to build.


The dragon will be in residence at Jubilee Library until 6 October. Some days she will fly and on the following days you can meet her on floor level:


Fri 20 Sept, 10am-5pm

Mon 23 Sept, 10am–7pm

Thu 26 Sept, 10am-7pm

Sun 6 Oct, 11am-5pm


Come in and add your own scale. Everyone is welcome.


For all the latest on the dragon please visit www.citylibraries.info, find us on Facebook-Brighton & Hove City Libraries or follow us on Twitter-BHLibraries.


 “The great dragon danced and spun and trod the air over the city. Its colour was moonlight, gleaming off its scales. Sometimes it would twist and glide with deceptive speed over the rooftops for the sheer joy of existing.”


City Reads logo[1]


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