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The 20th January is Blue Monday – supposedly the day of the year when the most people feel depressed! To support and cheer people who may be feeling a bit down we are having a campaign to create a Mood-boosting Top Twenty list of books chosen by the people of Brighton & Hove, we will then promote them in libraries.

To get things started Library staff have come up with some recommendations for you, which we will be posting between now and the end of January.

Today’s Mood Boosting Book recommendation is from Mark.


 Name and role: Mark T – Library Officer


 What do you recommend and why?



Mark tI recently read Daphne du Maurier’s Jamaica Inn – it was quite a wonderful revelation. I read a few of her books in the 60’s and 70’s and thoroughly enjoyed them, but “Jamaica Inn” passed me by.


The book was recommended so I took up the recommendation and it proved to be a book I did not want to put down. I was impressed with the poetic style of writing; having lived in Plymouth for ten years I was instantly taken back to memories of Bodmin Moor, the Cornish towns and the horrendous weather!


The plot is well woven and has quite an unexpected storyline with a very satisfying ending. After reading the book I was not surprised to read that Daphne du Maurier had at least six novels, including “Jamaica Inn” in the most popular borrowed library books list (2011 – 2012). The story is a rewarding read as it is uplifting, unpredictable and so well worded.


Do you have a mood boosting book you would like to recommend?


 mood boosting books


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 Or fill in one of the mood-boosting postcards at Jubilee Library or your local Mind shop by 30th January.

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