Thanks For All The Fish…

The 20th January is Blue Monday – supposedly the day of the year when the most people feel depressed! To support and cheer people who may be feeling a bit down we are having a campaign to create a Mood-boosting Top Twenty list of books chosen by the people of Brighton & Hove, we will then promote them in libraries.

mood boosting books

To get things started Library staff have come up with some recommendations for you, which we will be posting between now and the end of January.

Today’s Mood Boosting Book recommendation is from Anne…

 Name and role: Anne Southon

 Library Customer Services Manager

 What makes you happy?

 Humour/Kindness/Food & Drink

 What do you recommend and why?

 Douglas Adams Hitchhikers series.









They might be a bit dated now, but I remember laughing out loud on the bus whilst reading them and Gerald Durrell My Family & Other  Animals– I loved the eccentric lifestyle  the freedom to roam and animal collection, all set on beautiful Corfu. I always smile remembering his sister Ann kissing the mummified feet of St Spiridion in an attempt to cure her acne, but the Mother making her wash her mouth out lest she catch some terrible disease passed on by the thousands who kissed the feet before her.


Do you have a mood boosting book you would like to recommend?

Tweet @BHLibraries using the hashtag #Bhhappybooks

E-mail us at with BHhappy books in the subject line, Or fill in one of the mood-boosting postcards at Jubilee Library or your local Mind shop by 30th January.

Library Joke – A man walks up to the enquiry desk and asks… I am doing some DIY, do you have any books on shelves?

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