Tea, Biscuits and Books

Hi, I am Annie and I am the library officer for the new Home Delivery Service for B&H Libraries which keeps contact between those who love reading and their books, even when they can no longer easily get out to a library to choose them. It is called the Home Delivery Service and it does what it says on the tin!

 annie c 2                                                                                                                                                               As I get to know my clients and their likes and dislikes, I search for similar authors and topics in the hope of expanding their reading knowledge. They eagerly look forward to their visits as I stagger in with armfuls of chosen goodies. I often think this is what Father Christmas must feel like. It brings me such joy to witness the pleasure these books bring and makes me realise how important reading is in contributing to their well-being and enhancing the quality of people’s lives and even reducing the risk of depression.

Annie CSometimes when I arrive at a clients home they may appear withdrawn and even indifferent but all this changes as I unload my shopping trolley with large print romances, the latest thriller or talking books for those no longer able to read printed material. Eyes brighten and faces become animated as we look through and discuss the selection. And as my role takes me out in all weathers the offer of tea and biscuits is most welcome, as you can imagine


I believe the Home Delivery Service plays an important part in alleviating the social isolation that many older people with limited mobility may encounter, and I am delighted to play my small part in that. For several HDS clients I may be the only visitor they have that week.

 Annie Cannan – Home Delivery Officer.

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