Housebound Book Groups

Here’s a nice story from our Home Delivery Service Officer Annie.

The Home Delivery Service has several housebound clients living in the same building and recently a small group of them have got together and formed their own reading group. We will give them the library reading group book list and show those with computers how to access this information on line.

Annie and another happy customer.

Annie and another happy customer.

It’s great to be able to bring even more of B&H libraries services in to these people’s living rooms and supply books for them to share. So watch this space!






If you feel you or someone you know may have need for the Home Delivery Service, have a look at the information provided below.


The Home Delivery Service is available to individuals who have difficulty in getting to a library owing to poor health, mobility issues or caring commitments. The service is available to clients of any age.

We can provide a home delivery service to the following:

A resident who is a full time carer for an elderly/ill relative and is not often able to leave the house.

A resident who has a disability which makes it difficult to get to a library/carry books.

A resident who is able to get to a library to choose books, but cannot carry them home. We can deliver books to her home.

A customer who is going in to hospital for an operation/procedure and on his return home will not be able to get to library for a limited period of time (over 3 weeks). We can provide him with a temporary home delivery service.

These examples are intended to give an idea of the range of the service and are not exclusive.

There is more information available here.

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