Introducing the Young Volunteers

young vols stamp

Hi, my name is Maisie and I’m part of the library’s team of young volunteers. This summer, over 50 young people aged 13-19 have signed up to help younger children get reading. We have the opportunity to get involved in a variety of different ways.
Our main role is to man the Summer Reading Challenge desk. We sign people up for the challenge, explain what it’s about, give prizes out to those who have completed each stage, and offer activities such as colouring-in and the Mythical Hunt (if you want to know what that’s about, get down to Jubilee now!)

We also get to plan and run events based on the SRC theme – Mythical Maze. This is a lot of fun, although the risk assessment wasn’t the most exciting thing in the world. Even that had its good points, as we came up with some pretty ridiculous-sounding things that could go wrong! I think it’s important to mention that it will be edited by library staff.


Above: Georgina dons her Mythical Maze t-shirt to man the Summer Reading Challenge desk

Another part of our volunteering is that we can contribute to the library blog and social media pages, which I am doing now. Hopefully you’ll soon be seeing more volunteer posts as others have a go.

I think the best part so far for me has been awarding the certificates to people who have completed the challenge. It brings a crazy sense of pride, like we achieved something when they did. What comes pretty close is almost completing the ball-bearing maze that gets awarded to SRC participants after they have read 4 books; it is frustratingly difficult! However, I know that the best is yet to come. Who knows, I might even complete the maze by the time the challenge is over.

Maisie, Young Volunteer, Jubilee Library

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