Young Volunteers – Event Planning

young vols stamp

Hi! I’m Georgina, one of the young volunteers here at Jubilee Library (you may recognise me from the picture in Maisie’s blog post!)

As I write this, members of the library staff are setting up for a meeting to be held today focusing on the final showcase event of the Summer Reading Challenge. This reminds me of other events I have been involved in so far this summer. There have been several wonderful events run by other volunteers, including a character design day and face painting, all have been much loved by children and volunteers alike.

The first event I have been involved with (so far!) has been the animation workshop. This was run by another young volunteer called James. He showed the children how to use a ‘Praxinoscope’ (which I had no idea even existed until the event took place!) He explained that the praxinoscope was a form of early animation, involving mirrors and long, thin sheets of paper on which children could draw their own monsters and mythical creatures – before watching them come to life in the praxinoscope.

ellis making templates     alex making templates

Above: Ellis and Alex prepare materials for children’s events

Young volunteers have also been tasked with planning events. Well, I say tasked – we ended the meeting with some lovely ice cream! We’re planning on bringing out the cardboard pods that all Brighton and Hove libraries have been given and decorating them with various symbols that represent the mythical maze characters. This event has no set date yet, but do keep an eye on the Jubilee library Twitter and Facebook for more information!

I’d better get on to that meeting for the final showcase planning, but keep checking back to the blog for more information on the Mythical Maze Summer Reading Challenge!

Georgina, Young Volunteer, Jubilee Library

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