Gladrags and Little Green Pig transform Jubilee Library!

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Libraries are known for keeping stories, but on Thursday (21st August) at Jubilee they were being made. Children and parents alike were getting into the spirit of Mythical Maze in an event designed to fuel imagination.

First, everyone got very excited as they transformed themselves into fun and colourful characters with costumes provided by Gladrags. We had mermaids, knights, wolves and even the Snow Queen! These magical beings were crafted into a story as they were led around the children’s library by Mark, the clever storyteller. In the search for dragons and monsters, the small space became a land of adventure with unusual sensory clues helping them along the way.


At last, the evil creature’s lair was found. However, it was deserted and there was much surprise and laughter when it was revealed that the participants themselves had to create their foe. This finished off with a short game of Monster’s (not Grandma’s) Footsteps before everyone moved on to the next part of the session – it wasn’t over yet!

Part two was a story writing workshop. Here, tales were spun of the lives and adventures of the characters they had dressed up as. This was provided by Little Green Pig, and their volunteers were full of tips and advice for the children. I think it’s important to say that the event would not have been as good as it was without the enthusiasm of the children, volunteers, parents and staff involved.


You can view more photos of this event on the Brighton & Hove Libraries Flickr page

Maisie, Young Volunteer, Jubilee Library

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