A-maze-ing Pod decorating at Jubilee!

young vols stamp

Hello again- Georgina here! Here at Jubilee we’ve held another brilliant event to promote the summer reading challenge. It involved decorating the reading pods (which are rather hard to describe so I’ll just add a picture!) with the help of the children and a few of the mythical maze characters!


This time I was working on the event right from the planning stages. It was great to get experiences working with a team to plan an event and even get to make some important decisions- I think I even mentioned the planning meeting in my last blog post! I think by far the best part of the whole thing was getting to see an event which I had helped to plan really come to life!

When it came to the day of the event our first task was actually setting the pods up- and it wasn’t easy! After a little bit of team work, however, we did manage to get the thing up and ready for the children to decorate.

From the moment the event opened we were swamped with children all decorating various character motifs which had been made up by some of the other young volunteers. There was tissue paper, pompoms, feathers, stickers and pens. Best (or worst…) of all there was glitter- most of the glitter ended up on the floor instead of on the pod though!

The children all made some wonderful decorations for the pod (and some of them even started to build their own fort within it). The young volunteers also got into the spirit and made some decorations- we were a bit too big to get into the pod sadly and were left peeping through its windows.

The pod ended up looking absolutely marvellous and , if you have the time, I would really recommend coming and taking a look at it as it is currently still out in the children’s library here at Jubilee. The children and parents all left feedback saying they had enjoyed the event- and the Volunteers working all enjoyed it too!

Less fun was the clean-up- let me tell you glitter gets absolutely everywhere! But it isn’t every day you get to hunt through piles of glitter and tissue paper for pen lids so in the end that was great too. Right now, we’re preparing for the final show case event this Saturday and I for one cannot wait!

Georgina, Young Volunteer, Jubilee Library

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One Response to A-maze-ing Pod decorating at Jubilee!

  1. escarr15 says:

    This post really makes me want to see the Jubilee pods – but the photo is from Hove Library! I know because I helped decorate that one!! It definitely doesn’t include glitter too!

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