My Experience Volunteering for the Summer Reading Challenge

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Hi, Carlos again here. As the Summer Reading Challenge is ending, I have decided to talk about the best parts of my volunteering experience. I mostly volunteered at Hollingbury Library. I really enjoyed the overall experience because it was fun and helped me learn about how to work with children.

I also volunteered at Moulsecoomb Library, where they had an event where you can mix and match monster parts to create a monster or hero of your own.

First day at Hollingbury we made unicorns. I really enjoyed decorating the pod by sticking on pictures of various unicorns (from cartoons and medieval bestiaries, mostly).


The second time for me was our Anansi event (a trickster spider from West African mythology). We were worried no-one would show up, not knowing who Anansi is! Fortunately, there were enough people to make several Anansis! This was definitely my favourite day.


At the last event we made Nessies (The Loch Ness Monster). I enjoyed it because we got to build the monster’s home as well as the monster. We created it by getting out and decorating the Nessie pieces and pushing them through slits in blue card and gluing them. We surrounded them with mist by gluing cotton wool down to the blue card.


Through my experience, I have developed social skills working with children and adults. I did this by running art and craft events at libraries across Brighton and Hove. I thought the library staff were friendly and helpful.

Before I finish, I have decided to select some recommended reading about the creatures we made at Hollingbury.


  1. The coming of the unicorn : Scottish folk tales for children Authors: Williamson, Duncan, Williamson, Linda

A variety of Scottish folktales is included in this book, featuring ogres, kings, fairies and ordinary folk. Highly recommended!

  1. I believe in unicorns Author: Morpurgo, Michael illustrated by Gary Blythe

When a boy goes to his local library, he becomes fascinated by the stories he hears read aloud by the librarian, who sits astride a model unicorn. He learns of the dramatic history of the library.


  1. Operation Robot Storm Author: Milway, Alex, published in 2010.

Strange weather plagues the welsh mountains. It should be summer but ice storms and blizzards are common. An elite group of soldiers has disappeared in these mountains and only the mythical 9th division, an elite squad of yetis, can save them!

  1. The mystery of the abominable snowman Author: Wallace, Holly, published in 2007

This book judges the scientific evidence for the existence of the abominable snowman.


1. Clever Anansi and Boastful Bullfrog Author: Patten, H. Illustrated by John Clemenston, published in 2000

I remember this from when I went to primary school. Anansi is jealous of the colourful bullfrog, so Anansi persuades the other animals that the bullfrog is mean.

  1. Spider-Man fairy tales Authors:   Cebulski, C. B. Sexton, David Terco, Illustrated by Ricardo Tercio and others, published in 2007

Everyone’s favourite webslinger stars in four retellings of fairy tales, including a retelling of an Anansi story.

  1. Too many webs for Anansi : an African-Caribbean tale Author: Doyle, Malachy illustrated by Lisa Smith, published in 2011

Anansi is hungry, so he tries to trick the other animals into giving him food. This is suitable for newly independent child readers (5+).


  1. The mystery of the Loch Ness monster Author: Wallace, Holly, published in 2007

This non-fiction book tries to scientifically scrutinise the legend of the Loch Ness Monster.

  1. Katie in Scotland Author: Mayhew, James, published in 2011

Katie finds the Loch Ness Monster, and goes on adventure around Scotland.


Carlos, Young Volunteer, Hollingbury Library

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