Mythical Montage

Mythical montage - Pictures 006 To continue celebrating this year’s Mythical Maze Summer Reading Challenge staff at Brighton and Hove City Council have been busy organising a range of fun and interesting free craft related events in libraries throughout the city.





Mythical montage - Pictures 004

A diverse range of events such as decorating mystical creatures, dressing up and storytelling workshops, and creating creature activities to name a few imaginative events have been on offer for children and families to take part in Brighton and Hove libraries.




Mythical montage - Pictures 009One of the recent events held at Hove Library called “Mythical Montage”, attracted many enthusiastic children and parents, where participants were able to put their creative skills to use and make mythical character jigsaws, colourful dragon mobiles and finger puppets to take home.




Mythical montage - Pictures 005


The event attracted many evidently happy and thrilled parents, who were pleased to see such well planned and quality drop in events, which many parents also remarked how surprised they were to learn that the events were free. Overall the creative atmosphere won many satisfied children and parents on their morning trip to their local library!



Remember to keep a look out for more forthcoming children’s events in a library near you.


 Library Officer

Hove & Hangleton Library

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