The Hove Roll of Honour


The Hove Roll of Honour

As part of the First World War Centenary Commemorations we have been busy improving the ways in which the public can access our collections – This post will investigate the Hove Roll of Honour.

Wow, wow, and double wow! Thank you so much  for the information and photos…We have never had any info or photos of our great great uncle.”

What is it?

The Hove Roll of Honour was compiled by local librarian John William Lister at the end of the First World War. It is a collection of war records, photographs and local ephemera. These items were donated by the family members of those service personnel who lived in Hove and died fighting in the First World War.

This collection is catalogued, bound and stored in temperature controlled conditions. It forms an important part of our Rare Books and Special Collections.

Hove Memorial

Hove Library Memorial

In the words of A. R. Sargeant, the Mayor of Hove (1914-19): “The Roll contains the names of Hove men and women who gave their lives for the Empire, and whose memory must never be allowed to fade.” (Hove and the Great War, Walbrook, 1920, pV.)

Hove Library has a permanent memorial to these men and women. This large brass plate contains 631 surnames with initials.

How many records do you hold?

The Hove Roll of Honour consists of 6 volumes of collected records and 5 volumes of photographs. This consists of approximately 600 individual records and over 400 images.

How do I see it?

Municipal Service Records

Municipal Service Records

Due to the fragile nature of the documents and to prevent any further damage, there are three ways you can have access to the Roll of Honour.

  1. Join the Special Collections Membership Scheme – It is free to do so. We require two passport photographs and must see a proof of address. You may view one record at a time. You may take images of the records, but can not use a scanner or the photocopier, due to the strong light.
  2. Leave your email or postal address with the name of the individual you are enquiring about with a staff member or email us directly:  We can then send you images of the war record and any other information we may have.
  3. Access the Roll of Honour Website – – This website was complied by Chris Coomber in 2007 and the information was taken from the Hove Roll of Honour. Please note that this site does not contain photographic images.

What type of enquiries do you receive about Hove Roll of Honour?

Most of our enquiries are from those researching their family history, particularly about relatives who might be featured in the Hove Roll of Honour.

In most cases we forward any information we hold about the person in question to the family member – this includes photographs. If we don’t have any information available we signpost them where possible.

One enquirer responded: “Thank you so much for the information, especially the photograph. He was one of at least fourteen (possibly sixteen) children and I have very few photos of any of them.”

   What other First World War Special Collections do you hold at Brighton and Hove City Libraries?

A full list of all the First World War Special Collections resources has been compiled is available to view here: WW1 Library Collections and Stock

Please follow the link to access the document.

Duncan Andrews – Library Officer

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