Evolving In Conversation…What’s Next?

On Saturday 7th February we held our second showcase day at Jubilee Library to celebrate the culmination of the second part of the project. The writing exhibition took centre stage with audio recordings of the participants and professional writers reading out their stories and monologues.


Harvey Milk, Emmeline Pankhurst, Mother Teresa and Charles Dickens from The History Makers performed monologues written by Steven Lancefield. Photo credit: Young Volunteers

Dancers from EDge asked the public questions (such as what they had for breakfast) and interpreted their answers into dance moves to create a unique performance of The Dance WE Made by Tim Casson. Library goers were able to choreograph their own performance – no dance experience required!

The dancers performed their dynamic piece on the mezzanine floor above the stage

Dancers from EDge performed their dynamic piece on the mezzanine floor above the stage. Photo Credit: Vicky Tremain

In the afternoon we ran our first skill sharing workshop. Participants used images from ex-library periodicals as inspiration to write “What Happens Next”. Lots of people of all ages got involved and let their imagination roam! Even members of staff enjoyed the activity!


What Happens Next – creative writing workshop. Photo credit: Vicky Tremain

The highlight of the day for many was John Agard. In the morning he performed a selection of his work to a captivated audience. In the afternoon, over 100 people listened to him speak in conversation with Lindsay MacRae. He explained how pretending he was a commentator was his way into language, by hearing the vivid way they describe the events.

When asked how he felt about his work being turned into dance he said ‘ I have not an inch of qualms.’

John Agard joined the library. Photo credit: Young volunteers

The next phase of the project will be workshops held in conjunction with South East Dance. The workshops will focus on giving people a physical experience which will impact themselves in relationship to other people and the world around them. It will focus on tuning senses, perception, listening and touch and think about how the body organises itself in relationship to other people and space.  Keep up with the latest news on our site: http://evolvinginconversation.tumblr.com/ and tweet us your thoughts and opinions to @BHLibraries with #EinC

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