Summer Reading

What does summer reading mean to me? Well, I instantly think of a long, hot summer afternoon, where I’d ideally be stretched out on my hammock, a book firmly planted in my hand, the sun stroking my face and my children playing happily in the paddling pool beside me.

summer readingOr maybe I can picture a week on a beach somewhere, me trailing a hand in the sand whilst the other clasps my novel of choice and the noises of families having fun are all around me.

Summer always means a lot of reading for me. Perhaps this is because, as a kid, my summer holidays would be spent eagerly devouring book after book, very often late into the evening as the summer nights allowed it. I was not a kid that played outside for hours. I was the one who would stretch out on the grass, or under a tree and absorb myself into another world. I’d enjoy long walks to my library and even not mind the sweaty trek back, carrying my new haul, excited to discover new authors and genres.

For years I’ve been working term time only, so summer has had a new significance.  It has become the perfect time to catch up on an ever growing TBR list. Six weeks to concentrate on reading and research without thinking about work. Bliss!

Sometimes summer gives me to chance to read quicker and become more absorbed in longer books, for example, last year I was lost in the world of Game of Thrones. This year, I’m turning my attention to more pacy reads – thrillers and gripping contemporary novels. My summer list includes Cat Clarke, Holly Bourne, Patrick Ness, Keren David and fellow Brighton Rocks authors Jess Vallance and Lisa Heathfield. This is my chance to catch up on books that I have been dying to read.

As I have young children now, much of my summer reading will involve my two little ones, as we make new discoveries together. It’s an exciting time, I have one child trying to learn to read and one child who is becoming super-confident. I beam with joy as my oldest sits up in bed in the hot, light evenings – her nose firmly planted inside a Jacqueline Wilson or Mr Gum book. In the days she will scribble down her own ideas, her creative spark ignited.

I love Summer. I love the smells, the sounds and relaxing nature of the season. But most of all I love the opportunity to spend time outside in the sun, with a book in my hand – that way my two loves come together in one sweet and summery mix.

Eve Ainsworth.

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