How Is Summer Reading Different To Winter Reading?

How is summer reading different to winter reading? I’m not sure. The danger of dropping your book in the pool? Getting sand between the pages? Smudging the print with sweaty fingertips? Falling asleep to find a book-shaped tan mark across your middle? Using a paperback to fight off wasps? (Don’t bother. Wasps are evil and will always win. Just run.) I think perhaps people expect you to read more FOR FUN in the summer. For pleasure. But then shouldn’t books always be read for pleasure? I think so. If you’re not enjoying a book, throw it out the window, that’s what I say. (Er, unless it’s a library book, obviously. *nervous glance*) All the same, you maybe don’t want to read snowy Christmas tales in the middle of August. So here are some recommendations for wonderful summery reads (all suitable for 8+) that’ll keep those blue skies sparkling above you (or knowing the English summer, let you imagine them). durrellMy Family and Other Animals, Gerrald Durrell: the Durrell family decamp to balmy Corfu, and young Gerald spends his days poking around the island wildlife with often hilarious results. A classic. magic faraway treeThe Magic Faraway Tree, Enid Blyton: one of my absolute favourite series as a child, full of charm and magic and carefree summer days. HatchetHatchet: want a bit more action with your hot weather? 13-year-old Brian gets exactly that when his plane crashes in the middle of nowhere, leaving him to fend for himself with nothing more than a hatchet… holesHoles, Louis Sachar: Camp Green Lake doesn’t have a lake – instead it has blistering heat, terrifying lizards, disgruntled child prisoners, evil grown-ups and a little touch of magic. A masterpiece. Fox BustersThe Fox-Busters, Dick King-Smith: chickens fighting back against foxes? A recipe for hilarity. Journey to the River SeaJourney to the River Sea, Eva Ibbotson: want to travel all the way to the Amazon for your summer? You’d do worse than make the journey in the company of orphan Maia and the wonderful characters she meets in her new home. Tatum Flynn.

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One Response to How Is Summer Reading Different To Winter Reading?

  1. ryandejonghe says:

    Hilarious opening paragraph! Last year I did take a photograph of Blue Mind floating in the pool! Yes, the book itself!

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