Hello All! The Challenge Has Begun

young-vols-stamp1School’s out for summer and it is time to get involved with the event of the year: The Summer Reading Challenge. At Jubilee Library alone over 255 children signed up in the first week of its launch. But what were they signing up for?

Well, the Summer Reading Challenge dares all children to read at least 6 books over the summer in return for a vast haul of prizes. Smelly stickers, posters, wristbands and a medal for completing could all be going home with you. Although, wet dog and cheesy feet may not be something you want to smell!

Record BreakersThis year’s theme, Record Breakers, is all about the wacky world records which you can learn about while taking part in the challenge. For example, did you know the world’s tallest living horse is 210.19cm tall or that the world’s largest pizza could feed 100 people! You can find out more of these interesting facts at the Jubilee Library – the desk is open from 10 – 4.

As well as this, events will be taking place throughout the library in accordance with the Summer Reading Challenge. Author Tom Palmer will be holding a rugby themed event in the Children’s section of the library on the 13th August 11-1. Other events will be taking place in libraries across the city so keep checking the website for more news and updates.

Rachel Thulborn, Georgina King and Hannah Norton

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