Carlos’ 5 favourite World Records

young-vols-stamp1Hello, Carlos here. My first blog post as a volunteer last year was a top 5; I decided to continue the tradition. This year, I am talking about my personal favourite world records. Some of you can even read about at the library.

Carlos 15. Arts & Media: The longest running film franchise is Godzilla! Beloved by Adults and children alike the franchise celebrated its 60th anniversary last year, with the new American movie appearing to celebrate the anniversary.

Carlos 24. Space: Yuri Gagarin was the first man in space. The take-off was from the Baikonur Cosmodrome, Kazakhstan (then part of the USSR) at 6:07a.m. GMT and the landing near Smelovka, near Engels, in the Saratov region of Russia (also part of the USSR), 115 minutes later. He became a hero, not just in the USSR but around the globe, and visited the UK. Tragically, Yuri died in a plane crash on 27 March 1968.  Here are some of the libraries’ books on Yuri Gagarin.

3. Rollercoasters: The world’s most expensive rollercoaster is Expedition Everest. When ICarlos 3 went on Disney’s website when was I younger, I saw a video about the behind-the-scenes of Expedition Everest. That video made me want to go to Florida, which I have done, and I have rode expedition Everest! Here are some of the libraries’ books on how roller coasters work!

  1. Video Games: I enjoyed playing the recent instalments of the XCOM series, and XCOM was the first multi-level strategy title, with a global war that tied into local battles.

1. Animals: The largest species of centipede is the 26-cm-long (10-in) giant centipede (Scolopendra gigantea) of Central and South America. The species, which is also known as the Peruvian giant yellowleg centipede, has modified jaws on its head, which can trap and deliver venom to its prey, such as mice, lizards and frogs. A population discovered hanging upside down from cave roofs in Venezuela feed on bats. The venom is toxic to humans (much like an insect-sting) and can cause a swelling and fever.

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