Celebrate Libraries With The BBC

BBC Radio 6I thought it was worth a quick mention that as part of the ‘Paperback Writers’ series on BBC Radio 6, this Sunday at 1pm (Sun 6 Sep 2015) there is a ‘one off’ special programme, entitled ‘6 Music Celebrates Libraries’, in which authors discuss their musical influences.

I have listened to a few of these shows and they can be a great insight into some top authors and are always a fascinating listen, although finding out that one of your favourite writers has absolutely no taste in music can be disappointing!

Other News –

And on a lighter note Councils release top 10 strangest question asked by the public.

  1. Do you know how much water I need to cook super noodles? (Stevenage Borough Council)
  2. What are the rules and regulations for hosting a mouse race? (Somerset County Council)
  3. Can I exercise my kestrel on your tip? (Nottinghamshire County Council)
  4. A call from an elderly lady asking for help on her crossword. Seven letters, James Bond’s cat-loving nemesis, begins with B? (Staffordshire County Council)
  5. What is the daily room rate at the Holiday Inn express? (Stevenage Borough Council)
  6. What size tin is required for the Mary Berry strawberry tart featured on the BBC’s Great British Bake Off? (Somerset County council)
  7. I met a boy whilst on holiday in Ibiza, but I’ve lost his number. He said he lived in Nottingham and his dad is a bin man, do you know him? (Nottinghamshire County Council)
  8. How many geese are on the boating lake in Cleethorpes this year? (The caller wanted to visit but had an allergy to feathers – North East Lincolnshire Council)
  9. What time does your website close? (Poole Borough Council)
  10. How high is Mount Kilimanjaro? (Somerset County Council)
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