STOP THE PRESS! Specialist book sale at Jubilee Library


A great opportunity has come up for lovers and collectors of specialist books to expand their collections!  Jubilee Library is holding an ex-stock sale from 23rd-26th June, focusing on Art and Design, Music, Vintage/Historical Periodicals, Architecture and much more.  Pre-sale viewings and offers welcome.  Email to see the collections.

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2 Responses to STOP THE PRESS! Specialist book sale at Jubilee Library

  1. val daly says:

    Why are you selling off books? As a library card holder I would prefer to be able to borrow art and design books – if they are desired by collectors they must be great titles- shame that they will be taken away from library users.

    • toms2016 says:

      Dear Val,

      Sorry for the delay in replying. I needed to get more information from my managers regarding the reasons for the book sale, and the stock that is being sold. What they have told me is that the library has to vacate its Kings House storage space by the end of the year, as Brighton and Hove Council are selling the building and there is no alternative storage space within libraries for the collections.

      The stock set aside for the sale at Jubilee library is stock should be withdrawn, it is listed on our catalogue and has not been requested for many years. Much of it is out of date and some in poor condition.

      None of this material from the Store, going for Sale, should be valuable or ‘rare’ but it has not been possible to check the value of every item, just a sample of what we are selling from the off-site store.

      All of our art and decorative art works which should be kept within Brighton and Hove are either coming back to Jubilee library or being offered to the Museum for their Museum Hub and Fine Art Reference Collection.

      I hope this explains the situation a little more.

      Please ask if you have any other queries regarding the Kings House Store and the periodicals at Hove.

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