The Big Friendly Read – Summer Reading Challenge 2016 begins!

young-vols-stamp1Summer. If this blistering last week has taught one thing (except the importance of sun cream), it is that summer has arrived. Meaning one thing: another summer reading challenge.

For those of you who don’t know. The summer reading challenge is an annual summer event, for children ages one-twelve, and the challenge is to read six books over the summer, encouraged by fun prizes and games.
Annually the theme changes. Marvellously (to celebrate 100 years of his work) this year’s theme is Roald Dahl. I believe the cheeky cheerful charm of his magically worlds will be the perfect encouragement to get children reading! Whether it be the magic of Matilda, Charlie’s chocolate or the fiendish felonies of fantastic mr fox. Dahl has effected most of our lives in some way, and hopefully this challenge will not only encourage reading, but continue his legacy, to the next generation.

The challenge commenced on Saturday the 16th of July, with a wonderful talk by Juno Dawson, a fascinating panel about encouraging children to read and very popular and engaging ‘Read Aloud’ sessions run by Collected Works CIC of Dahl’s The (terrible) Twits.

Brilliantly the event was covered by ITV meridian news:

Now, a couple weeks in, the library board is filling up with signees, and it is only the start of the summer! In fact the website has already recorded that nationwide: 547,559 books (and counting) have been read, so far.
Think your children will be interested? Then don your book bags, get your library cards and head down to your local library. As Roald Dahl himself said:

If you are going to get anywhere in life, you have to read a lot of books.

Ellis Rossiter

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