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REVIEW: Being Miss Nobody by Tamsin Winter (a story about speaking out from a girl who can’t)

A story about a girl who won’t speak to anyone except her family, this is a sad book. Rosalind has to go to a different school than all her friends at primary school and everyone calls her names. She’s the ‘weird girl’ who doesn’t talk, the ‘mute ant’!miss n

So Rosalind starts a blog where she, and others who can’t stand up for themselves, can speak and it changes her life forever. But there’s just one problem : is she becoming a bully herself?

This story is very moving, and I particularly liked Ailsa (Rosalind’s only friend at high school) because she’s very kind to Rosalind and doesn’t mind that she can’t talk.

My favourite scene is when Rosalind meets Ailsa for the first time because Rosalind finally finds a friend!

This book is unique, with lots of serious issues and is age rated 9+ (advanced).


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