A young Volunteer writes – British Comics blog 15 08 2018

young-vols-stamp1Hello Everyone, Carlos here. In celebration of the Beano theme this year, I thought I’d highlight some of the most interesting British comics to have been released in recent years.



6. corpse talk 2Corpse Talk by Adam Murphy- Serialised in the comics magazine “The Phoenix”, Corpse Talk is a treat for fans of Horrible Histories and The Danger Zone book series. Adam’s cartoon alter ego interviews undead versions of famous historical figures, such as Cleopatra, Einstein and Henry VIII. Both funny and educational, if you like Horrible Histories you’ll like this. The library has season 1, season 2 and the Ground-breaking scientists and Ground-Breaking Women books available



pirates of pang5. Pirates of Pangaea by Daniel Hartwell and Neill Cameron- Jurassic Park meets Pirates of the Caribbean in this swashbuckling adventure comic. In 1717, young woman Sophie Delacourt finds herself attacked by pirates whilst travelling to the mysterious island of Pangaea to meet her Uncle. However, pirates are not the only threat on Pangaea, as it is the only place in the world with living dinosaurs! A fun comic any fan of dinosaurs, pirates or both will love.




fish head steve4. Fish Head Steve by Jamie Smart- A small Mid-Western town suffers from a strange mutation in this hilarious comedy by cartoonist Jamie Smart. Steve wakes up to find that not only he has a fish for a head but everyone in town has had their heads combined with objects and animals! A truly off-the-wall and funny comic.






3.Vern and Lettuce by Sarah vern lettuceMcIntyre- Vern, a sheep, works as a park groundskeeper and lives with the rabbit Lettuce and her family. Together, they get into misadventures involving baking, birthdays, bunny-sitting and fame! Long time fans will know that Sarah McIntyre was the illustrator of 2014’s Reading Challenge “Mythical Maze”. This is a really sweet and funny comic.



mezolith2. Mezolith by Adam Brockbank and Ben Haggarty- Myth, Magic, Terror and Survival all blend together well in this Stone Age Dark Fantasy Graphic Novel duology. The story follows a teenage caveman known as Poika as he comes of age, whilst he and the rest of his tribe face a struggle to survive in prehistoric britain. Drawing on traditional mythical elements and featuring very detailed realistic artwork, Mezolith is like no comic you’ve ever read.





brighton graphic novel

1. Brighton: The Graphic Novel by Tim Pilcher, Brian Talbot and others- 300 years of Brighton History are presented in 14 different comic stories by 28 different writers and artists. Spoofs of Charlie’s Angels and EC Comics Horror Anthologies are featured, along with personal anecdotes and stories.

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