Summer Reading Challenge themed top 10 books

Hello Everyone, Carlos here. With the Summer Reading Challenge theme being Space Chase, I have decided to look at the interstellar and cosmic books at the library.



10. Star Wars character encyclopedia by Simon Beecroft- Now with an updated edition including characters from the new movies, the star wars character encyclopedia is perfect for those who want to find out more about their favourite space adventure franchise. From Anakin Skywalker to Zuckuss and everyone in between, you’ll learn more about the heroes and villains of the saga with this wonderful volume. See also Star Wars the last Jedi: the visual dictionary, Star Wars: the complete visual dictionary and Star Wars alien archive for more fun facts about a galaxy far far away.





9. The alien hunter’s handbook: how to look for extra-terrestrial life by Mark Brake- is there other life in the universe? What might it be like? How could we communicate with them? How will we find where they live? Discussing the history of life on earth and what we currently know about outer space, The Alien Hunter’s Handbook is a fun, engaging and in-depth guide to what aliens might be like.







8. How did robots land on Mars? By Clara MacCarald- We know a lot about the planet Mars through the robotic probes NASA sends to the planet. But how were they made in the first place, and how do the scientists at NASA control these machines? Find out in this book all about the engineering that went into making this incredible feat possible. See also STEM in our world: Space technology for more information about the gadgets and machines that allow us to find out about space.





7. iHero Alien raid by Steve Barlow and Steve Skidmore- In this gamebook, you must save Planet Earth from Alien Invasion. Make the right decisions and you will save the earth, but if you make the wrong choice you’ll have to try again! Fun for anyone who’s dreamed of being a hero in a sci-fi film of their own. Check out iHero Monster Hunter Alien, I hero Tyranno quest and I hero Toons Invasion of the botty snatchers for more interactive intergalactic adventures.





6.png6. Astrosaurs vs Cows in Action: The dinosaur moo-tants by Steve Cole and illustrated by Woody Fox- A crossover between two of Steve Cole’s comedic adventure series, the planet-hopping Astrosaurs books and the time-travelling Cows in Action novels. The Fed-up Bull Institute and the League of Galactic Carnivores create strange Cow-Dinosaur to conquer the universe. Can Space Captain Teggs the stegosaurus, communications officer Gipsy the Corythosaurus, first officer Arx the Triceratops, chief engineer Iggy the Iguanodon, scientist Professor McMoo the bull, sidekick Pat Vine the calf and fighter Bo Vine the heifer save the day? Also look out for other Astrosaurs and Cows in Action adventures, like The mind-swap menace and The ter-moo-nators, some of which are also available as audiobooks.



5. The first men in the moon by H.G. Wells. 68 years before humans actually set foot on the moon, H.G. Wells wrote this thrilling and highly influential interplanetary adventure. A London businessman named Bedford and a physicist from Lympne, Mr. Cavor, discover a mysterious substance called Cavorite which allows them to defy gravity. They travel to the moon and discover a strange civilisation of insect-like creatures called Selenites.







4. DK pocket eyewitness Space: facts at your fingertips – With over 170 profiles on planets, stars, meteorites and moons, this ‘Pocket Eyewitness’ book will make you a space expert in no time. Find out about Jupiter’s red spot, the martian mountain Olympus Mons, craters on the moon, the scale of the Universe, how telescopes work, the life cycles of stars and much more. Check out DK illustrated encyclopedia of the universe, DK find out! Space travel and DK find out! Universe for more fascinating facts about outer space.




3. I took the moon for a walk by Carolyn Curtis and illustrated by Alison Jay. A charming, wonderful picture book with a few bilingual editions available. A young boy wanders through the night whilst bringing the moon along with him as he walks. Set in lyrical rhyme and using language that will boost reader confidence, I took the moon for a walk is a charming book regardless of your age.





2. The Phoenix colossal comics collection Volume 1 by Various authors and illustrators. A selection of comic strips from the weekly Phoenix magazine, including the space adventure strip Troy Trailblazer. Troy and his allies discover a race of part-machine part-biological beings called the BioTeks. The Bioteks plan to wage war on the Galactic military, for imprisoning their computer leader the God-Brain. Can Troy and his friends save the universe? The other strips included are also highly enjoyable.




1.png1. Neil Armstrong and travelling to the moon by Ben Hubbard. With the 50th Anniversary of the moon landing this year, I thought the number one had to be a book about the moon landing. This amazing non-fiction book includes information about Neil Armstrong’s life, his first trip aboard an American Spacecraft, the development of Space Travel and the training astronauts undergo. See also Yuri Gagarin and the race to space for more information about the history of space travel.


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