Moody’s My Name

I recently read a post by top horror/sci-fi author David Moody about him coming to terms with suffering from depression. At the weekend, I was lucky enough to have a brief chat with David about it, he said ” I’ve been completely stunned by the reaction to my post”. David Moody 1 David Moody 2 moodyLike a lot of people, I think admitting you have a mental health issue is one of the hardest things to do. I found myself wondering about this and how it can affect anyone, even the writers who we love to read and in many ways, help us escape, or get through certain times in our lives when things get on top of us. For me, David is one of those people. As for David, he said “My favourite authors… John Wyndham, HG Wells, James Herbert, Richard Matheson. I don’t get nearly enough time to read at the moment, but I’m just getting into JG Ballard too”.

If you would like to read his post then please click here

Books are a wonderful way of switching the world off for a while and getting your head into a different place of someone else’s creation. Have a look at our reader recommendations of mood boosting books which are great for cheering yourself up!

There are also lots of publications that really can help with many of life’s problems. I am not advocating them instead of seeing your doctor but your doctor may actually recommend a visit to the Library to check out our “Reading Well Books on Prescription” section. Reading Well Books on Prescription are self-help books for managing common conditions including stress, depression, anxiety and dementia. The books are recommended by health experts and people with experience of the condition, and have been tried and tested and found to be useful.

If you or someone you know suffers from depression then have a look at our Books on Prescription collections at Jubilee, Hove, Hangleton, Patcham, Portslade, Whitehawk and Woodingdean Libraries or click here to link to our online catalogue, then click the “Advanced Search” button, in the “Collections” box, scroll down until you see “Books on Prescription”, click that and then click the “OK” button, you will then see all the available books with the “BOP” heading.

A selection of the Books on Prescription titles are available to download free of charge from the Reading Well for Health and Relaxation collection.

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